How to download Facebook videos with FDownloader.Net

How to post videos on Facebook? In this article, I will guide you to use the FDownloader.Net tool to download Facebook videos for free.

FDownloader.Net is a tool that allows you to download Facebook videos with high quality: HD 1080p, 2K, 4K. In addition, this tool also allows you to convert Facebook videos to mp3, download mp3 music on Facebook, download Facebook private Facebook videos.

Step 1: Copy Facebook video link

On PC/Mac & Phone (iOS, Android): press the "Share" button then select "Copy Link".

Step 2: Paste the copied video link into: FDownloader.Net

- Open new browser tab, go to website:

- Paste the copied video link into the input box and press the "Download" button.

Step 3: Download Facebook videos

- Select the format (MP4 or MP3) and the quality you want to download (from 144p to HD 720p, or fullHD 1080p, 2K, 4K - Depends on the original quality of the Facebook video).

- Tap the "Download" button or press the "Render" → "Download" button.


- For high-quality videos, Facebook does not allow downloading video files with audio, so FDownloader must download each file separately, then combine the video and audio into a complete video. So this takes a while to process.

- If there is a private video error, select the "Download private Facebook video" function: and follow the instructions to download the facebook video you want.

During use, if you encounter an error, please contact us for support: [email protected]